This week, Jacqueline swaps her general positivity for crank (as she wrote recently for BlogHer). So Ben grills her about dates canceling the day of, how ghosting is socially acceptable now, and how singletons keep their cool with friend after friend pairs off and disappears. What can we be doing to date better, or at least own our being single? Then they're joined by Jesse Hirsch, the editor of Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn. He recently ended a 6-year relationship... because of his job (somewhat, he says). What happens when your schedule is dominated by work events? When your significant others doesn't want to join? Or when they really don't give a shit about why you think kohlrabi is the new cauliflower (which was the new kale). Have a listen for the crankiest show of this season.

"I feel like in the next relationship it would be just knowing how to keep things distinct and not letting work bleed into every single aspect." [21:30]

--Jesse Hirsch on Love Bites