EPISODE 9 | Sep 10, 2020

How Can the Wine Industry Become More Inclusive?

In this episode of The Big Food Question, we hear from Julia Cone

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Is it Safe to Go Apple Picking?

With fall approaching, many are wondering if farm-based activities like apple picking and corn ma

EPISODE 7 | Aug 28, 2020

How Can My Restaurant Save Money on Delivery?

For a long time there has been a conversation about the high rates that third party ordering apps

EPISODE 6 | Aug 19, 2020

What is the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program?

The agricultural industry faces challenges – from shrinking demand to a strained supply chain.

EPISODE 5 | Aug 02, 2020

What Should I Know About the CARES Act?

Negotiations are underway for the second round of coronavirus relief funding, as millions of Amer

EPISODE 4 | Jul 31, 2020

How Can Technology Connect SNAP Recipients to More Food Options?

As millions of Americans file unemployment claims amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many states are wor

EPISODE 1 | Jul 23, 2020

How Will Rehiring Affect Unemployment Benefits?

HR Expert, Sarah Diehl of Empowered Hospitality addresses the many questions and considerations r

EPISODE | Jul 23, 2020

Coming Soon: The Big Food Question

Coming soon from HRN: How can our food system rebuild and reimagine, while navigating the unprece