A vegan, a butcher, and cow walk into a room … and start talking! At the Slow Meat Symposium 2015, Slow Food brought together stakeholders from across the food chain and the good food movement to address the conundrum of industrial meat production. The recordings here were made at that gathering, and whether you are new to the issues or steeped in the discourse they will entertain you, and surprise you. Take a listen and join the thousands working towards a future where the meat we eat (or don’t eat) is good, clean, and fair.

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Heritage Chickens

Something is foul in the world of industrial fowl. Vertical integration and overconsumption has created a system reliant in a production model that is dangerous to farmers, laborers, and eaters. What are the current risks posed by these and is there a way out? Spanning sectors, these speakers take a close look at the poultry industry and what we can do to turn things around.


  • Katy Keiffer, journalist and host of “What Doesn’t Kill You”
  • Roger Mastrude, founder of the Heritage Turkey Foundation
  • Jose Oliva, Co-director of the Food Chain Workers Alliance
  • Craig Watts – contract poultry farmer and Perdue Farms whistleblower