Slow Meat 2015: Temple Grandin

A vegan, a butcher, and cow walk into a room … and start talking! At the Slow Meat Symposium 2015, Slow Food brought together stakeholders from across the food chain and the good food movement to address the conundrum of industrial meat production. The recordings here were made at that gathering, and whether you are new to the issues or steeped in the discourse they will entertain you, and surprise you. Take a listen and join the thousands working towards a future where the meat we eat (or don’t eat) is good, clean, and fair.

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Temple Grandin

An best-selling author, academic, and autism activist, Dr. Grandin is responsible for an absolute transformation in the way livestock is treated. Her work on animal behavior is not only insightful, it is heroic. She took to the Slow Meat stage to address the public during the Slow Meat Fair, a day for people to taste and experience the reality of a more sustainable and humane food system. Dr. Grandin discusses everything from big ideas and to technical details with her characteristic charm.