What is Going on with Bacanora?

Maybe you’ve heard of bacanora, that agave spirit from the north of Mexico. But you probably haven’t. Or if you have, you’ve maybe tried one or two. Maybe. And … why is that?


Agave Road Trip Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

Agave Road Trip sifts through fact and fiction surrounding agave spirits. Hosts Lou Bank and Salvador “Chava” Peribán serve as tour guides for gringo bartenders, sharing firsthand knowled...


They Make Mezcal in California! Or Do They?

Is it cultural appropriation to make mezcal in California? Or whiskey in Mexico? It’s a throw-down episode of Agave Road Trip this week! Find extra photos and related links at agaveroadtr...


Does Mezcal Change When Aged in Glass?

When you age alcohol in wood, it of course takes on the properties of the wood. But what about when you age it in glass? Some experts say no. But experts aren't always right.... We offer ...


The Intersection Between Wine and Mezcal

When we think about spirits, we tend to think of a commodity alcohol that tastes the same from one batch to the next.


What Does It Mean, that My Mezcal is an Ensamble?

Sometimes they’re called mezclas, sometimes they're called ensambles, and sometimes that “a” turns to an “e” for “ensemble.” Some geeks call them field blends, as if anyone is doing any b...


I've Got a Theory About Long-growth Agaves

The agave has one mission in life: to reproduce. It spends its life generating the energy it needs to fulfill that mission. So ... does it tell us something when one agave takes significa...


Maybe Syrup Isn't All That Simple

Most cocktails call for a sweetener of some type. Maybe there’s a better way to make simple syrup? Learn how to sweeten your cocktail game in this episode of Agave Road Trip!


The Birth and Death of the CRM (NOM mini-series #4 of 3)

Okay, to be fair, that title is 100% click-bait. Or, rather, it’s click-bait if you’re one of the agave geeks who even knows that the CRM is the body that certifies mezcal. Or, rather, th...


If You Can't Ferment Raw Agave, How Do We Have Pulque?

I feel like the title of this episode also serves as the description. Unless you don’t know what pulque is. So … pulque is a fermented beverage, and it’s made from the uncooked agave. Now...