Weekly Picks: Transparency in Malt, Meat, and Delivery Supply Chains

This week HRN's shows shed light on convoluted supply chains. Get a breakdown of the scandal with Belcampo beef, explore the world of craft malt, and tune into an investigation of the cur...


Meet Roland Camacho and Jensen Lorenzen

This week on Inside Julia’s Kitchen, host Todd Schulkin welcomes Roland Camacho, Hearst Ranch Beef Manager, and Jensen Lorenzen, Founder of the Larder Meat Co. They discuss making and sel...


The Organization for Competitive Markets Weighs in on Cattle

The Interim Director of OCM, Ben Gotschall, talks about a moratorium on beef imports, consolidation in the industry, and improving the markets for American producers.


Raising Grass Fed Beef at Hearst Ranch

HRN Board Member, Brian Kenny sits down with the Division Manager for Hearst Ranch, Roland Camacho. Hearst Ranch is the nation's largest single-source provider of 100% grass-fed beef. ...


What's the Real Scoop on the Cattle Industry?

Mike Callicrate, a Colorado rancher and activist joins to talk about the beef industry and COVID-19.


Solar Panels and Rain Storms at White Oak Pastures

As the COVID-19 pandemic places unique stresses on US meat processors and their supply chains, concerns about the resiliency and diversification of our food system are growing.


Sarah Palki of Whole Foods and Lentine Alexis of Cured Denver at Slow Food Nations 2019

Two women who know the ins-and-outs of the Colorado food scene sat down with Hannah Fordin to talk about their participation in Slow Food Nations.


Chris Starkus of Urban Farmer at Slow Food Nations 2019

Hannah Fordin sat down with Chris Starkus, a farmer and the Executive Chef at Urban Farmer in Denver.


Fat Kitchen

In this episode, Cathy dials up Andrea Chesman, veteran cookbook author who has written many books on back-to-the-land cooking topics. Andrea's latest book not only tel


Chef Andrew Hunter and the supply chain

Chef Andrew Hunter from Niman Ranch joins Katy today to talk about how corporations move forward in sustainability goals, the rise of blended and impossible burgers, food innovation and c...