A Tour of the Valle de Guadalupe Food & Wine Scene

This week Zarela and Aarón go on a culinary tour of Baja California's Valle de Guadalupe with their guide, Colman Andrews.


Preserving Diversity Through Corn Whiskey

Today Zarela and Aarón are joined by their friend Yira Vallejo. Yira spent ten years as a brand incubator in the wine and spirits industry of New York City, before returning to Oaxaca in ...


Nate Ready, Hiyu Wine Farm, Hood River, Oregon

Nate Ready is a former Master Sommelier. He worked the floor at Bobby Stuckey’s Frasca in Boulder and the French Laundry in Yountville before heading north to find a small working farm in...


The World is One Big Organism

If great cheese comes from great milk, and great milk starts with grasses grown in pastures filled with biodiversity, where do those building blocks to great grass come from?


The Journey of Jimmy Red Corn at Charleston Wine + Food

Host Kat Johnson continues her exploration of historic Southern ingredients and traditions at Charleston Wine + Food this year with a compelling conversation about Jimmy Red Corn. Distill...


Evan Gregorie & Kelly Cox at Feast Portland

Guest host Kelly Cox, the creator of The Original Fare, a PBS series about hunting and foraging for ingredients around the world, introduces HRN to Evan Gregorie, a master gardener


Paolo Di Croce at Slow Food Nations 2018

Paolo Di Croce, graduated in Environmental Engineering at the University of Turin and began working for Slow Food in 1998 to coordinate its projects – such as the Ark of Taste and Presidi...


Slow Food USA Launches Plant a Seed Campaign

by Leila Goldstein Slow Food USA has launched its spring Plant a Seed campaign with a goal of starting 1,000 biodiverse gardens across the country. The kits include supplies to plant a Th...