Mercado Day in Mexico

All of the fruits and spices and flowers and herbs and meats and magic of Mexico show up in the mercados -- the markets. So you should show up there, too! What should you look for? What c...


The Flower Alchemist: Loria Stern

Pretty pressed flowers in shortbread cookies launched the career of Loria Stern. On this week's episode, host Dana Cowin discovers why Stern's early life as a tennis champion translates i...


Brooklyn Botanic Garden Kicks off Spring Gardening Season

By Nina Medvinskaya Visitors at 2019 Making Brooklyn Bloom at Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Photo by Alvina Lai. Courtesy of Brooklyn Botanic Garden.


Meet Holli Cederholm

Wrapping up another great season, Erin Fairbanks introduces listeners to the new guest host of The Farm Report starting in 2016: Holli Cederholm.


Abbie Zabar of Wave Hill

We Dig Plants is getting artsy this week as Alice and Carmen welcome Abbie Zabar to the studio for a thorough talk on her work. Abbie is an acclaimed artist, graphic and garden designer, ...


Disrupters: Shaking up the Green Business - Emergent

This week on We Dig Plants, hosts Alice Marcus Krieg and Carmen Devito are talking green business with Brienne Gluvna Arthur.


The Makers of Botanical Beauty

Wrapping up the series on botanical beauty, this week on We Dig Plants Alice and Carmen welcome the team behind Brooklyn Bar and Bath, Joann Montalto and Itala Pelizzoli.