From Cloth Oil to Extra Virgin: A History of Olive Oil

Although there is archeological evidence and historical writings about olive oil in the ancient world, the popularity, demand, and production of olive oil as we know it today has a very r...


Bitter Sweet

An Italian favorite and the curious intersection of bitter times with bitter flavors. 


What's For Dinner? Valentina Mussi joins the show to talk viral food trends!

In this episode, Feedfeed Food Editor Alexa Santos virtually sits down to dinner with Valentina Mussi, also known as @sweetportfolio on social media.


Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Feasting

We know and take for granted that foods will look and feel like we expect them to. So it’s especially disorienting when food doesn’t give us that anticipated sensory experience. This week...


Meet South Carolina's Chef Ambassadors, Part One

This episode was produced in partnership with Discover South Carolina and Charleston Wine + Food.


What's For Dinner? Suzy Karadsheh, of The Mediterranean Dish Joins Julie To Talk All Things Eating The Mediterranean Way

Listen in as Julie virtually sits down to dinner with Suzy from The Mediterranean Dish to talk about how to get a healthy, seasonal dinner on the table and stock a pantry with


There Will be Gangsters

Today we are having a chat with my good friend, Charles Draghi --universally called "Chuck."  Chuck inhabits the rarified strata of top chefs in Boston, mentor to many, revered by diners ...


Martha Stoumen, Martha Stoumen Wines

Martha Stoumen did not grow up around wine, but connected with the soil during a trip in college to Italy, studying agriculture. She was drawn to the vineyards and thus began a Vigneron’s...


How I’m Using Herbal Infusions to Recreate My Favorite Travel Memories

For the first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have to admit that I enjoyed the break from airports and planes. Prior to March 2020, I was taking a flight about once a month (betwee...


You Say Tomato, I Say Tomatillo

On this episode, Zarela & Aarón contrast the tomato with its relative, the tomatillo.