Air from there pollutes right here!

Professor Meredith Hastings and PHD candidate Emily Joyce of Brown University's  Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences, discuss the implications of several recent stud...


Biden takes aim at Consolidation and Monopolies

Mike Callicrate, activist and cattle rancher comes back to talk about the Executive Order signed by Biden that addresses long standing grievances in the animal agriculture sector, among o...


Weekly Picks: Transparency in Malt, Meat, and Delivery Supply Chains

This week HRN's shows shed light on convoluted supply chains. Get a breakdown of the scandal with Belcampo beef, explore the world of craft malt, and tune into an investigation of the cur...


(Mis)Labeling: Branding, Buzzwords and Belcampo

Have you ever heard the saying you should never judge a food by its label? Probably not since labels are supposed to give you useful information about the food within. What happens when t...


Chef Todd Richards

Chef Todd Richards is an award-winning chef known for his contemporary cooking style rooted in Soul & Southern cuisines.


Recados and the Magic of Spice Blends

In this spirited episode, Zarela and Aarón are thrilled to welcome their close friend Maricel Presilla to talk about Recados and spice blends.


Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Feasting

We know and take for granted that foods will look and feel like we expect them to. So it’s especially disorienting when food doesn’t give us that anticipated sensory experience. This week...


A Different Kind of Butcher Shop and Business with Butcher Girls

As a former chef, I’ve always enjoyed the process of shopping and picking out my food, meeting the farmers, the growers, and the butchers that are working. So how does this transition to ...


So Many Bad Words in Butchery (feat. Heather Marold Thomason)

On today's episode of Harvesting Issues, Dave, Nastassia and The Rest welcome Heather Marold Thomason of Primal Supply Meats, a whole animal butcher in Philadelphia.


Beaver, Pancakes and Paczki: Lenten Food Traditions of the Midwest

Fat Tuesday and Friday fish fries are well-known food traditions of the Lenten season. In this episode, we go beyond the usual Lenten staples to explore some tasty and maybe surprising Le...