What is Going on with Bacanora?

Maybe you’ve heard of bacanora, that agave spirit from the north of Mexico. But you probably haven’t. Or if you have, you’ve maybe tried one or two. Maybe. And … why is that?


Agave Road Trip Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary

Agave Road Trip sifts through fact and fiction surrounding agave spirits. Hosts Lou Bank and Salvador “Chava” Peribán serve as tour guides for gringo bartenders, sharing firsthand knowled...


A Tour of the Valle de Guadalupe Food & Wine Scene

This week Zarela and Aarón go on a culinary tour of Baja California's Valle de Guadalupe with their guide, Colman Andrews.


Recados and the Magic of Spice Blends

In this spirited episode, Zarela and Aarón are thrilled to welcome their close friend Maricel Presilla to talk about Recados and spice blends.


The Birth and Death of the CRM (NOM mini-series #4 of 3)

Okay, to be fair, that title is 100% click-bait. Or, rather, it’s click-bait if you’re one of the agave geeks who even knows that the CRM is the body that certifies mezcal. Or, rather, th...


If You Can't Ferment Raw Agave, How Do We Have Pulque?

I feel like the title of this episode also serves as the description. Unless you don’t know what pulque is. So … pulque is a fermented beverage, and it’s made from the uncooked agave. Now...


Crossing Culinary Borders

Today Aarón and Zarela are thrilled to welcome Víctor Macías-González to talk about the culinary exchange on the border between Juarez and El Paso.


Tracing The Development of Mexican Cuisine

On this episode, Aarón and Zarela are joined by their friend Jeffrey Pilcher to talk about the development of Mexican Cuisine;  from indigenous, pre-hispanic cultures up to its spread  in...


The Clay Copita: Authentic Hipster Culture?

A lot of mezcal enthusiasts drink their mezcal from clay copitas. Hell, we drink our mezcal from clay copitas. And we think that’s the best vessel for heritage agave spirits. But is it? A...


Who Decides if it’s Mezcal? (NOM mini-series #2)

Mezcal is a Denomination of Origin, kind of like champagne. It’s controlled by the Mexican government, and that government gets to define what mezcal is. Then there’s a body that certifie...