(Mis)Labeling: Branding, Buzzwords and Belcampo

Have you ever heard the saying you should never judge a food by its label? Probably not since labels are supposed to give you useful information about the food within. What happens when t...


David McMillan, Joe Beef, Montreal

Quebecois David McMillan is considered one of the most innovative, successful and interesting restauranteurs in Canada.


Zev Rovine

You can’t talk about natural wine in the US without Zev Rovine being in the conversation.


Found Oyster & The Winstons

Since opening in fall 2019, Found Oyster has quickly become a popular and welcomed addition to Los Angeles’ booming restaurant scene.


Jay Wolman

On today's episode we welcome Jay Wolman the executive chef of LaLou in Prospect Heights, a recently opened restaurant with a focus on natural wine.


What’s Next for American Craft Cider?

For our season finale we’re focusing our attention on what the future holds for cider. We’ll dive into co-ferments, collaborations, and cider culture abroad.


Storytelling and Selling

In this episode we visited our favorite bars, wine shops, and cider festivals to explore the many ways the industry is reaching out to curious drinkers.


Foraging a New Path

This week on Hard Core, trek through orchards with us to deepen your knowledge of the impact that farming practices, tourism, policy, and collaboration can have on farms and cidermakers. ...


Where the Lab Meets the Orchard

In this episode, we’re looking at the science behind cider making and apple growing. We start with a chemistry lesson on fermentation and assess how microscopic organisms affect cider’s t...


Raw Wine Speakers' Corner Features Natural Wine Legends

Heritage Radio Network was proud to team up with RAW WINE’s New York Fair for the second year to bring attendees a series of panels and tastings from the Speakers' Corner. This year, half...