Meat and Three: 2021 Favorites

Based on the Southern concept of one meat and three sides, Meat and Three dishes out a deep dive and three short stories every week. These stories are told by a variety of contributors, a...



This week on Time For Lunch, we are going back to our roots to learn about the source of all plant life: seeds! Special guest Shannie McCabe of Baker Creek Seeds teaches us about the impo...


Well Rooted: A Gastronomica Interview with Chef Rob Connoley

This episode is part of a special series in collaboration with Gastronomica: The Journal for Food Studies


Garden NOW!

Shannie McCabe is an educator writer and farmer with Baker Creek Heirloom seeds.


Presenting Fields Episode 1: Seeds and Time Travel

On this episode of HRN Happy Hour we're thrilled to present the first episode of one of HRN's newest shows: Fields.  Fields brings you the stories of people who are working in urban agric...


Planting the Seed: Time Travel, Shortages and Heirloom Crops

Seeds are the source and symbol of life. In our modern food system, with fewer and fewer people physically involved in the practice of agriculture, it’s easy to forget that our sustenance...


Just Don't Cross State Lines

On today's episode of Magician Issues, Dave, Nastassia and The Rest are joined by Aaron Polsky and Jackie Molecules to celebrate Jack's birthday and Nastassia's last week in California.  ...


Seeds and Time Travel

How are seeds gender-defying time travelers? Subscribe to Fields and find out!


The Triple Bounty of Squashes

Aarón and Zarela are joined by Anne Mendelson, Zarela’s co-author on numerous cookbooks and a long-time family friend. Together they talk about squash - including pumpkins and zucchini - ...


Mutual Aid: Grassroots Relief Where it's Needed Most

This week, we have stories about mutual aid and the many shapes and sizes it can take. You’ll hear about how people are stepping up to feed their neighbors and keep community businesses a...