"The Build" from Opening Soon

The Build from Opening Soon

This spring, we introduced a new chapter of Opening Soon called The Build. Restaurants can take months, or even years, to open. In this seriesyou'll hear it happen in a matter of a few hours, from concept to the first night of service. Join us as we follow one of Brooklyn's brightest chef-restaurateurs as they embark on the journey. It's The Build.

The Build is produced by Taylor Early, Armen Spendjian, H Conley, Matt Patterson, and hosted by Alex McCrery and Jenny Goodman. Audio engineering by Armen Spendjian, H Conley and Matt Patterson.

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Trailer: "THE BUILD" FROM OPENING SOON - Opening a restaurant can sometimes take months, or even years. This spring, you'll be able to hear it all happen in just a few hours...It's The Build


Ep. 1: INTRODUCING THE BUILD - In the premiere episode of The Build, we meet the subject of our series, hear a bit about their food journey so far, and get a sneak peek at what's coming this season.


Ep. 2 SPENDING TIME YOU MAY NOT HAVE - Hear some of our earliest recordings with Eric, where he fills us in on the months-long journey to find Ursula a new home. Along the way we traverse Brooklyn, negotiate with shady real estate brokers, and even have a brush with...death?  


Ep. 3 CONCEPT TO CREATION - Join Team Ursula as they tackle one of the biggest obstacles to realizing a restaurant concept - the lease. Plus, meet a key player in making Ursula 2.0 a reality, Lani Halliday. Lani is an event producer, baker, brand builder, and hilarious human. Get to know how she first crossed paths with Eric and became wrapped up in his vision for Ursula.


Ep. 4 MONEY EARNIN' OR MONEY BURNIN' - The first thing you need to open a restaurant is...money! From putting together the capital to get the process started, to figuring out how your brick and mortar can make some of that cash back, you'll hear about all things money, money, money!


Ep. 5 WHO'S THE TEAM - Explore the world of Ursula, meet new team members and take a deep dive into the values and systems that Eric and Lani plan to instill in the new location. Plus, get a glimpse at how the team is restructuring compensation for employees to better serve everyone and encourage warmer hospitality.


Ep. 6 WHO'S JOB IS IT ANYWAY? - Take a deep dive into the fun aesthetic projects as well as the processes and systems that owners develop to ensure customers feel welcomed in Ursula's new space. From architects pointing fingers at plumbers to deciding on flatware, you'll hear about the nitty gritty required to build up (and out) your brick and mortar world.


Ep. 7 WHAT ARE WE DRINKING? - Learn how Eric and Team Ursula intentionally source ingredients and wines from female and queer business owners. From the fun of tasting to the pragmatism of staying within budget, this episode runs the gamut of developing a beverage program.


Ep. 8 LAUGHING, CRYING, AND MAKING BURRITOS - Hear how the team deals with the inevitable rollercoaster of emotions that come with opening a new restaurant. Hear how self care and mental health manifest during a build - from deep reflections to lessons learned along the way. One of the most intimate episodes of the season, learn what it takes to stay grounded during a build.


Ep. 9 THE FINAL COUNTDOWN - It’s the final week before opening and a LOT is happening. Moving day, construction, staff training, friends and family; this episode has it all. Plus, a visit from Ursula herself!


Ep. 10 OPENING DAY - It’s the day we’ve been waiting for all season: Ursula is open! In this episode we hear the staff celebrating on opening night, and debrief with Eric and Lani about surviving their first week of service. Plus, Jenny and Alex reminisce on the opening - and closing - days of their restaurant Goods.