Your 2015 Podcast Playlist

We’ve had an exciting fall here at Heritage Radio Network! In honor of this successful season, we’ve compiled a playlist of some of our favorite episodes from all different topics in the food world. Listen to our picks to learn if food labels are telling the whole truth, make a food bucket list, and gain a totally new perspective on edibles.

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Wonder who makes the calls about our food policy?

Eating Matters: Episode 29 - “Phrased and Confused: Demystifying Food Labels”

Eating MattersHost Kim Kessler and co-producer Jenna Liut are on the line with Stephen Gardner, head of the food law practice at the Stanley Law Group of Dallas,Texas and Diana Winters, a professor at Indiana University’s Robert H. McKinney School of Law, in an effort to demystify food labels, some of which have even spurred lawsuits.


Hungry for more than "farm to table" dining?

Greenhorns Radio: Episode 244 - “Suzanne Hunt”

Suzanne Hunt, founder of Hunt Green LLC, which provides strategic advising on energy, agriculture, transportation, and the environment, discusses national and international policies with host Severine von Tscharner Fleming.

Arts & Media

Looking to bring the pages of your favorite food magazine to life?

Radio Cherry Bombe: Episode 55 - “Nigella Lawson”

Radio Cherry BombeNigella Lawson, food enthusiast, television personality, and journalist, talks about her newest book Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food, which taps into the rhythms of our cooking lives, with recipes that are uncomplicated, relaxed, and always satisfying.


Want to perfect the art of drinking like a pro?

Fuhmentaboudit!: Episode 139 - “Bringing Sexy Back to Cider”


Get ready for some real cider insight from cidermaking heavyweights Steve Woods and Louisa Spencer of Poverty Lane Orchards & Farnum Hill Cider.



Do you have opinions on the latest food trends? We certainly do.

The Morning After: Episode 155 - “1000 Foods to Eat Before You Die With Mimi Sheraton”

The Morning AfterHosts Jessie Kiefer and Sari Kamin sit down with Mimi Sheraton, one of the most acclaimed critics food has ever seen, to talk all about her book 1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die: A Food Lover’s Life List.

Counter Culture

Looking for some predictable talk radio? You’re not going find it here.

GUNWASH: Episode 174 - “The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook”

GUNWASHRobyn Griggs Lawrence, author of The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, teaches the GUNWASH crew about cooking with cannabis.





Feed your brain with practical cooking advice.

The Food Seen: Episode 253 - “Tacos with Alex Stupak”

The Food SeenFind out when Mexican food went from crunchy shells, ground beef, and shredded cheese taco nights, to transformative tortillas made of fresh masa for Alex Stupak, author of Tacos: Recipes and Provocations.



Food History

How does what we eat reflect who we are?

A Taste of the PastEpisode 21 - “The Jemima Code: Two Centuries of African-American Cookbooks”

A Taste of the PastGuest Toni Tipton-Martin describes her years of research amassing one of the world’s largest private collections of cookbooks published by African American authors to find evidence of the impact on American food and families by African American women cooks.


Health & Lifestyle

Upgrading your wellness? Start in the kitchen.

Love Bites: Episode 13 - “Boss Talks (Love) Shop With Erin Fairbanks”

Heritage Radio Network’s own Erin Fairbanks shares a story with hosts Jacqueline Raposo and Ben Rosenblatt about discovering a boyfriend’s insanely dark, hidden secret and staying with him anyway.


Learn what it takes to run a successful food business.

Tech BitesEpisode 31 - “Are Delivery Services Bad For Restaurants?”

Host Jennifer Leuzzi consults restaurant owners about how delivery services, one of the hottest food tech categories right now, impact business and the bottom line.

Meat & Fish

Ready to eat better meat?

The Farm Report: Episode 262 - “Big Dreams for a Tiny Bird”

The Farm ReportHost Erin Fairbanks talks to Brittney Miller, owner of Manchester Farms in Columbia, South Carolina, all about what it’s like to run a quail farm and her mission to bring this unique bird to more tables.


Looking for rising talent in the independent music scene?

Full Service Radio: Episode 110 - “DJ CherishTheLuv”

Full Service RadioDJ CherishTheLuv joins host Jack Inslee for a conversation on music, healing, and love.




The place to hear from tastemakers and trailblazers from the food their own words.

The Main Course: Episode 252 - “The Laws of Cooking”

The Main CourseHost Phillip Gilmour welcomes Chef Justin Warner to the studio, where he talks about food memories and his book The Laws of Cooking.



Science & Tech

Where is the future of food taking us?

Cooking Issues: Episode 221 - “Gualolololote”

Host David Arnold talks placenta and how to kill a wild turkey while Nastassia Lopez pretends to be Christina Tossi.

Specialty Foods

From where to find it, to how it’s made: your full guide to speciality foods.

Cutting the Curd: Episode 236 - “Cheese Storage”

Cutting the CurdHost Anne Saxelby talks with guests Dave Arnold, host of Cooking Issues and co-owner of Booker and Dax, and Nick Bayne, Cheesemonger Invitational Champion, about mastering the art of a perfectly wrapped piece of cheese.



How do we go beyond renew, reuse, recycle?

What Doesn't Kill You: Episode 174 - “Plate of the Union”

potulogoRicardo Salvador, director of the Food and Environment Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, joins host Katy Keiffer to talk about Plate of the Union, a partnership with Food Policy Action and other groups that addresses the principal issues around US food policy.