Your Thanksgiving Podcast Playlist

By Olivia Harrison

Of course Thanksgiving can be great fun what with the food, the family, and the friends. But all of that can be a lot to coordinate. Luckily, Heritage Radio Network has your back. Here are 15 episodes for everyone. Let us take the reigns so you don’t have to stress and can enjoy your holiday.

  1. For your dad who is dying to deep fry the turkey

    Try out Episode 104 of Cooking Issues where host Dave Arnold shares his “bionic turkey” recipe. Dave also tells the tale of the first time he tried to fry a turkey, which is sure to keep everyone in the kitchen laughing.1

  2. For your cousin who is obsessed with the perfect holiday cocktail

    Tune into Episode 156 of The Speakeasy to hear spirits and cocktail educator April Wachtel talks to host Damon Boelte. The two discuss teaching new bartenders. One of their tips: you have to taste everything.

  3. For your neighbor who you asked to throw together a cheese plate for an appetizer

    Press play on Episode 239 of Cutting the Curd to get the low down on what goes into naming a cheese. Hosts Greg Blais and Debra Dickerson talk to Cheesemonger and co-founder of Culture Magazine Thalassa Skinner about what makes an effective cheese name. The list of names might prove helpful when putting together that last minute appetizer. 8

  4. For your grandmother who is intent on recreating the Pilgrims’ first Thanksgiving in authentic detail

    Switch on Episode 118 of Taste of the Past with host Linda Pelaccio and food historian Sandy Oliver. Oliver explains the religious considerations of Thanksgiving, how it came to be a national holiday, what foods were most likely on the table during the first harvest feast, and the history of Thanksgiving commercialism. 2

  5. For your older sister who is a dinner party diva

    Turn up Episode 17 of A Few Good Things with Claire and Erica for some inventive dinner party tricks. The pair share their go to dinner party dishes and thoughts on all things hospitality. They answer all your most pressing hosting questions for “Should guests help with dinner prep?” to “Are disposable plates adequate?”3

  6. For your little brother who is making his first side dish and needs moral support

    Press play on Episode 107 of Sharp & Hot and hear host Emily Peterson’s path to fail-safe entertaining. On this episode, you’ll hear trained chef and professional party person Rebecca Salisbury give expert advice on how not to freak out during a first time feast.

  7. For your mom who is running a tight ship the kitchen inspired by the pros

    Listen up to Episode 53 of Radio Cherry Bombe to hear from Madhur Jaffrey, who is regarded by many as the world authority on Indian food. Through their show, hosts Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu bring you the most interesting women in the food world that will inspire your cooking this holiday.9

  8. For your sister-in-law who is a farm-to-table devotee

    Check out Episode 262 of The Farm Report where host Erin Fairbanks is joined by Brittney Miller owner of Manchester Farms in Columbia, South Carolina. Brittney talks all about what it’s like to run a quail farm and her mission to bring this unique bird to more tables. These little guys are probably a lot smaller than what you’re dealing with on Turkey Day.4

  9. For your nephew who is just learning to love food

    Listen up to Episode 38 of Edible Alphabet to learn the the history behind this wonderful holiday from host Ashley Koziak. With this show, finding something to be thankful for is as easy as ABC.5

  10. For your cousin who would rather be hanging out at deer camp

    Catch Episode 85 of Wild Game Domain for host Chad Pagano break down his top five reasons why every man should go hunting at least once. Chad encourages everyone to reconnect with the meat on our plates.6

  11. For your friend who is newly single for the holidays

    Tune into Episode 9 of Love Bites to hear Lisa Mendelson, the Senior PR Manager for design and restaurant group AvroKo, tell hosts Ben Rosenblatt and Jacqueline Raposo why she’s absolutely fine with not dating right now. This one’s should help everyone who’s single for the holidays feel better.

  12. For your uncle who is tired of drinking Budweiser in front of the game

    Switch on Episode 301 of Beer Session Radio to learn how to get out of your beer rut. Host Jimmy Carbone is joined by some amazing guest including Jeff Cioletti, Author of The Year of Drinking Adventurously, John Holl, editor of All About Beer Magazine and author of Dishing Up New Jersey, and Stephen Valand, owner of Brooklyn Brew Shop. They’ll get your creative drinking juices flowing.7

  13. For your vegetarian aunt who wants plenty of exciting veg sides

    Turn up Episode 159 of We Dig Plants for a special interview with improvisation Italian-style chef, Erica DeMane. Hosts Carmen Devito & Alice Marcus Krieg devote every show to bringing the culture to horticulture and examining our human interaction with plants.

  14. For your brother-in-law who insists on DJing the dinner party

    Check out Episode 107 of Full Service Radio which features Trouble & Bass alumni Tony Quattro who brings an energetic set full of surprises. This show will help you make a dinner party playlist full of the best local and national talent in underground electronic music.

  15. For your hosts who have to figure out how to clean up after you’re all gone

    Try out Episode 8 of Ask a Clean Person where James Del, former event planner for Gawker, joins host Jolie Kerr. Together, they’ll tackle some of your worst post-party messes and take the anxiety out of your clean-up so you can actually enjoy being a host or hostess.