How will cannabis legalization play out in different cities? Will legalization give rise to a craft weed industry?

With cannabis laws fluctuating every year, Melissa and Wythe have a lot of questions about the home-growing of this popular plant, its regulation by the government, and its use by consumers. Before New York State moved to legalize recreational cannabis use—we spoke to social scientist Alex Rewegan (Ph.D. candidate, MIT) about his research into cannabis production and the heterogeneous legalization process in North America. Alex is from Canada and conducts research there, but he lives in the Boston area and has a lot of thoughts on U.S. legalization processes, too. We discuss who will benefit and who will likely be left behind by different forms of cannabis legalization, and we also get into why certain uses of this plant are just now taking off in consumer culture—that is, what’s up with CBD? It’s everywhere! We also discuss home-grown or small-scale “craft” cannabis as opposed to industrial growing, how Canadian smokers have responded to legalization, and who may grow cannabis at home in cities today. Take a listen, plant a seed, and please share Fields with a friend!


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