On today's episode of All in the Industry®, Shari Bayer's guests are Carlos Suarez, founder of Casa Nela, a NYC hospitality company that operates a collection of French and Italian restaurants in Greenwich Village, including Rosemary’s, Bobo, Claudette, and Roey’s; and Yann de Rochefort, founder & CEO of Boqueria, lively Spanish tapas bar & restaurant with seven locations across New York City, Washington D.C. and Chicago. Together, Carlos and Yann co-founded Safe Eats, a non-profit organization between NYC restaurant owners and health & safety experts at Zero Hour Health, whose mission is to support restaurants to keep their staff and guests safe.. Today's show also features Shari's PR tip; Industry News discussion on Covid-19; and Solo Dining experience at il Buco at Mostrador Marram in Montauk, NY. Listen at Heritage Radio Network; subscribe/rate/review our show at iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. Follow us @allindustry. Thanks for being a part of All in the Industry®. Stay safe and well. 

Safe Eats

Image courtesy of Safe Eats.

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