HRN Hall of Fame: Meredith Leigh

Nominated by: Meant To Be Eaten

Meredith Leigh has worked as a farmer, butcher, chef, teacher, non-profit executive director, and writer, all in pursuit of good food. Her work illuminates how and why our food system is riddled with issues, but she offers solutions in compassionate and realistic ways. She works part time for Living Web Farms and travels often to teach charcuterie, food production and processing. Her two books The Ethical Meat Handbook and Pure Charcuterie empower home cooks, by promoting independence instead of preachiness.

Appearances on HRN:

Meat To Be Eaten: Good Life, Good Death, Good Butcher, Good Cook
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Heritage_tv @heritagetv_ • Oct 9, 2019
Daily quotes for entirety of life.⠀⠀ ❤⠀ #HeritageTV #HeritageRadio #motivation #islam #Islamicquotes #hadith…