Izabela Wojcik knows a thing or two about the restaurant industry. She's the Director of House Programming at the James Beard Foundation and she's this week's guest on All in the Industry. Tune in and learn how food became the fabric of Izabela's life and what it's like working as a staff member at the prestigious James Beard Foundation. From her background to her current work - Izabela has some incredible insights into the industry. Find out what's up at the James Beard House and what went into making the 2014 James Beard Awards such a smashing success! This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center.

"I have the best food job in the world!" [12:00]

"For PR purposes it's all about relationships and working at the Beard house is no different. There's an opportunity -- and lots of chefs would love that opportunity. The criteria I use is to look at a chefs biography and see where they're working. I consider any press they receive, to see how it would be positioned in the community. I also keep in mind that the role of the Beard House is not to showcase chefs critically - it's more about whether or not they can pull off a meal for 80 people with 5 courses." [21:00]

--Izabela Wojcik on All in the Industry