There any many different forms of animal healing and this week on Animal Instinct, Celia Kutcher explores the world of crystal healing with Allison Robbins. Allison is a crystal healer who works with animals and people. Her love of horses began in her early teens as a competitor in the show world. She recently returned to the States after living in England for 16 years where she had a practice in Vibrational medicine, trained polo ponies, and played polo. Her work healing and training horses has also brought her to Switzerland, Argentina, and Brazil. This program was brought to you by Brooklyn Cares Vet.

"You want to use crystals in harmony with each other and when you work with your client you asses their energy field and figure out which crystals would be helpful for their condition." [03:00]

"Healing can reach somebody over a distance just as if they were in a room." [09:00]

--Allison Robbins on Animal Instinct