Erin Kalagassy is a veterinary massage therapy practitioner from Brooklyn NY, living in Dublin, Ireland, studying for a degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She's a graduate of Cornell University and the Swedish Institute, licensed as both a veterinary technician and as a massage therapist. She's worked with with over 100 different species, including humans, in her own massage practice, during her 20 years in healthcare, through Cornell, the Brooklyn Zoo & ASPCA, and our favorite holistic Vet Hospital, Brooklyn Cares VC. She's also published articles on animal behavior, nursing care, and veterinary technicians, and appeared on Animal Precinct and PBS' Souls of NY. On this week's edition of Animal Instinct, learn the difference between animal massage and petting, and learn what types of ailments animal massage can treat. How do animals become acclimated to massage? How do animal owners' emotions effect the anxiety levels of pets during massage? Find out all of this and more on this week's episode of Animal Instinct! Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods. Music by Dead Stars.

"When working with exotic animals, the differences are often a thrill for me!" [17:00]

-- Erin Kalagassy on Animal Instinct