This week on Ask a Clean Person, host Jolie Kerr is tackling mold and mildew! With guest Julia Rubin, Features Editor at Racked National, in studio, the two delve deep into the cleverest tricks to avoiding the dank and damp dilemma. Talking solutions for bathrooms that range from eco-friendly tea tree oil to heavy duty bleach scrubs, Jolie also suggests that de-humidifiers and plug in bathroom fans can be a lifesaver! Tune in to hear Jolie's love of hardware stores, the magic of Damprid, plus how to handle musty carpet. This program was brought to you by Route 11 Potato Chips.

"I think the padding under the under the carpet has mildew. It has to be be a health hazard for the tenants." [24:40]

"A Shop-Vac is a brand name for what's also known as a wet dry vac. It may be that just going over the carpet with a Shop-Vac and pulling up as much moisture as possible might be a good thing." [27:20]

--Jolie Kerr on Ask a Clean Person