Some jobs are just more physical than others. Actors, dancers, chefs and bartenders beat the shit outta our bodies doing what we love. But we don’t have to.

Today's show is the first in our OUR BODIES, OURSELVES series, where we explore how our bodies can help or harm our work and how they affect our romantic relationships. Joined by returning guest co-host chef Daniel Holzman, we discuss the physicality of kitchen work, and how your body changes with many years spent over a hot stove. Then we're joined by occupational Pilates instructor Marcia Polas and one of her students, bartender Russell Dillon of Ba'Sik in Williamsburg, who's just gone through Marcia's THE BARTENDER'S PILOT PROGRAM with Rutte Distilleurs. What wisdom can we steal from how she trains chefs and beverage folks to work more healthfully? And has the 10-week program really helped Russell at work?

Have a listen!

Our Spring/Summer Theme Song is Josh Dion‘s GIVE LOVE! We both fell hard for Josh‘s insane drumming skills and deliciously expressive vocals (smooth like honey, ladies, and then wild and raucous as hell) way back when we first moved to NYC, dancing our hearts out to the Josh Dion Band all over town. Now he performs all over NYC (and in residency at Rockwood Music Hall) as Paris Monster. Find, chat, listen, and buy on Twitter and iTunes.

Marcia Polas - Rutte