This week Jimmy talks about starting a beer brand in New York City with Gage Siegel of Non Sequitur Beer Project, Tara Hankinson and Johnny Osborne of Talea Beer Co., and Eric Shulz of Little Blind Beer. Hear them discuss barriers to entry in the New York brewing scene, supporting immigrants through beer, building brands that reach more women, holding tastings at Bloomingdale's and Elle Magazine, the way millennials want brands that share their values, and the use of art on a beer can. They also delve into new ways to create a beer brand such as Non Sequitur's pop-up events and Little Blind's one-off beer projects.
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Beer List:
Freethought's Temporal
Gun Hill Brewing Company's Mean Mean Bean
Talea Bear Co.'s Tropicberry Tart Deco
Talea Bear Co.'s Double Date
Little Blind's Third Wave
Little Blind's Zone Expansion
Non Sequitur Beer Project's Begging for Attention

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