Learn to help your pets with their emotional and physical ailments with Celia Kutcher from FoodHealer.com! Erin Fairbanks joins Celia to continue their conversation regarding animal wellness. When you first get a new pet, what should you do to make sure that the animal is healthy? Find out how good communication with your veterinarian is essential when deciding how to treat your pet's illnesses. Find out how different probiotics, herbs, and supplements can help your pet's ailing moods and physical health! Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods, and thanks to EULA for today's music.

"Food can really make a difference to mood, behavior, and general well-being in animals." [1:25]

"To think that human beings are the only organisms that feel pain and have emotional responses is completely ridiculous!" [10:10]

"Think like your pet; if you can do that, then more power to you." [14:30]

-- Celia Kutcher, FoodHealer.com