Eric Asimov is an American wine critic for the New York Times, with articles also published in the International Herald Tribune. Asimov attended Wesleyan University, graduating in 1980. In 1984, he went on to work at the New York Times as an editor in National News. In 1992, Asimov conceived and wrote the “$25 and Under” column, dedicated to “restaurants where people can eat lavishly for $25 and under. The popularity of his reviews and articles led to Asimov’s yearly compilation books of the $25 and Under columns, published from 1995 to 1998. Asimov was given the new position of Chief Wine Critic of The New York Times in 2004, as a result of his numerous writings about wine since 1999. As Chief Wine Critic, he writes two columns, “The Pour” and “Wines of the Times” (or, as it may be, “Beers of the Times”), both of which appear in the paper on an alternating bi-weekly schedule. In March 2006, Asimov began writing a wine blog, also titled “The Pour”. On this special episode of Evolutionaries, learn more about Eric’s role as a wine critic, and what he thinks his job entails as the wine industry continues to grow. This program has been sponsored by International Culinary Center.


“The first few pieces I did was on beer in New York. Then I moved on to the Heath Bar. I was marching in a different direction, and there was less competition for that – I ended up with the job in it.” [07:04]

“My job is to help people think of wine as a cultural expression.” [15:05]

Eric Asimov on Evolutionaries