Last season, private chef and nutritionist Ariane Resnick came on our Ladies Who Lyme show to talk about how Lyme disease and chemical poisoning affected more than just her health. On that episode, she started to get into intuitive eating – how she guides clients to listening to what their bodies want them to eat rather than prescribing a "diet" that's "good for their condition."

Ariane Resnick

Today, Ariane returns to delve into this idea more fully. How do we calm our minds enough to listen to our bodies? What correlation between what we eat and how we think or feel might we be missing? How can we instinctively reach for something better when all we want is the sweet or salty or alcoholic quick fix?

And before we even get to that – how does what we eat affect how we date? Jacqueline has a plethora of food restrictions, despite her field – how would Ben want them to be presented on a first date? What foods do we avoid before sexy time, and what does how one eats speak to compatibility?

Have a listen to find out.

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I never seek to just remove things from people's lives that make them happy. I think more to help them work with those foods to use them in a way that their body isn't being dependent on and can get joy from. [24:17] – Ariane Resnick