This week, The Farm Report moves to its new time slot (1o a.m. on Thursdays!), and host Erin Fairbanks is joined in the studio by Viraj Puri, the co-founder and CEO of Gotham Greens, an urban agriculture company founded in Brooklyn, New York, that grows produce year-round in rooftop greenhouses.

Gotham Greens is a worldwide pioneer in the field of urban agriculture and a leading regional producer of hyper-local, premium-quality, greenhouse grown vegetables and herbs. The company has built and operates over 170,000 square feet of technologically advanced, urban rooftop greenhouses across 4 facilities in New York City and Chicago.

Viraj co-founded Gotham Greens in 2009 and serves as CEO. He has developed and managed start-up enterprises in New York City, Ladakh, India and Malawi, Africa focusing on sustainable agriculture, green building, renewable energy, and environmental design.


“There’s many different ways to farm sustainably and responsibly, and I believe that the methods you choose have to be well-suited to their unique geographical, economic context.” [5:10] – Viraj Puri