Devin Shea, MSU Agriculture Grad Student, MI

Devin Shea is a 20-something that has dedicated his adult life to the exploration of Americana and its future. After a few years of in depth traveling by any means available, hitchhiking to air travel, Shea found himself with his original goal of traveling to all of the lower 48 states met. The thesis that Shea accrued from these years was that small town America and its agricultural roots were shifting drastically. He took a few jobs in the beef cattle industry to really see what it was all about and he fell in love, prompting him to seek higher education in beef production. Shea attended Michigan State University’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to gain a formal education in forages and cattle health and management. He has been actively discussing alternative management programs with industry professionals as well as those in academia to hypothesize where the livestock industry needs to be headed to utilize natural resources efficiently with animal and ecosystem welfare being of most importance. He will begin working with a ranch in Southwest New Mexico to improve the farm to table food system infrastructure as well as natural grassland restoration with nature conservancies. This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

“When it comes down to it – what’s good for cattle is good for business.” [12:00]

–Devin Shea on Greenhorns Radio