This week's featured farmer is Gowan Batist. Gowan is a farmer, metalsmith and soil nerd. Born on the Mendocino Coast in California and raised pulling crab pots out of the ocean with her Grandfather who taught her that work is love. She studied metal fabrication until succumbing to the pull to farm. She completed an Oregon State University Certificate program and Master Gardener training and cut her teeth on a 150-acre farm outside Portland. She always wanted to return to Mendocino, which she did to manage a farm at a local nonprofit, Noyo Food Forest. Now, at the age of 26, she is the proud owner of Fortunate Farm, made possible by a unique partnership with North Coast Brewing Company. Her 40-acre coastal farm focuses on heirloom vegetables, invasive species management, and large-scale composting. Her goal is to feed her community in a way that sequesters carbon. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.


"The backbone of our farm is a lot of work and as much community integration as possible." [12:00]

"I would love to see more young farmers using technology." [14:00]

"I would love to do everything in my power to get more farmers established and supported here." [15:00]

--Gowan Batist