Imagine cutting fresh, hydroponically grown micro greens onto your toast or salad, seconds before you eat it. Imagine how delicious and nutritious it would be to eat living food. This week, the dream becomes real. Harvest2Order (H2O) is the first US-based microgreen salad bar concept. The greens are hydroponically grown and harvested when you order a salad bowl or toast. H2O(@harvest2order) is the ultimate farm-to-table experience, creating a fresher fast-casual dinning experience focused on sustainability, health and deliciousness. On this episode, H2O co-founders, Liz Vaknin (@cheflizvaknin) and Shelley Golan (@shellmasterflex), join us in-studio to discuss their ag-tech forward concept opening this week in Brooklyn’s North 3rd Street Market (@n3rdstmarket). This episode is sponsored by Alaska Seafood (@alaskaseafood).

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