Jimmy’s got a full studio, with seven guests from across New York City’s craft beer scene: Mickey Alexander of Taproom 307, Kaitlyn LeLoup of Interboro, Chris Maestro of Bier Wax, Alex Munoz of Harlem Hops, Matt Negron of Uptown Beer Society, Juan Perez of Bar 180 and Bar 177, and Joel Suarez of The Sampler. They talk with Jimmy about Not My Pres, the third in their Pres series collaboration, which brings the flavors of popular beers like Presidente and Dos Equis to local craft beer. They talk about how they started collaborating to make beer celebrating the flavors of popular Carribbean beers, working with bars and businesses owned and run by people of color, the value of good beer bars and shops, and reclaiming fruits like guava, chinola, and tamarind.

Beer List:

Interboro’s Not My Pres Lager

Interboro Premiere IPA

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