This week on Sharp & Hot, Emily Peter plays an interview she conducted with Celebrity Chef Ted Reader. Ted has just released a new cookbook called Gastro Grilling7 that will make you want to fire it up. Learn about grills, grilling and cooking with fire at large. Emily and co-host Matt Wang wax poetic on freelance life, food television and meditation later in the show, in an entertaining and insightful segment. This program was brought to you by Le Creuset

“I love the fact I can go outside every day fire up one of my grills and smokers and cook something different. It’s an exciting time, every day. I look forward to every meal that I make. I put a lot of effort into it for my family, friends, etc. I look forward to the next great thing I’m going to pop in my mouth – that’s why I’m a big guy!” [08:00]

–Ted Reader on Sharp & Hot