Listener Feedback. This week on Sharp & Hot, Emily Peterson addresses feedback and future changes she plans on making to her show. Don't worry! Sharp & Hot will still have it's same old friendly tone, but the format is going to be a little different. After going over some of the feedback that her viewers sent her, she reviewed the novel "The Cake Therapist" by Judith Fertig, and also questioned what it even means to assign a book the genre "contemporary women's fiction". Although Emily does not think that she fits the audience that this book was trying to reach, she still recommends it!

"If you feel like your beloved Sharp & Hot is changing, it's for the better." [16:00]

"I'm trying to imagine exactly who she is talking to, because I don't feel like it is exactly me." [22:00]

"If you want a beach read, this is right in the beach read category." [23:00]

--Emily Peterson on Sharp & Hot</h4