How does chocolate get made? Find out on this week’s episode of Straight From the Source with Clay Gordon. From picking to fermenting, roasting to tasting and everything in between, learn what it takes for cocoa to go from earth to bar as Clay Gordon shares his personal experience and perspective to help inform listeners on the process behind chocolate. Why is chocolate so expensive – or is it really expensive at all? Find out why “every step is the most important step” when making chocolate and what goes into gourmet food production. This program was made possible by Heritage Foods USA.

“The first thing to understand about chocolate is that the difference between a good and great chocolate is paying attention to the process every step of the way. It’s about not making compromises and taking the time to do it right – and taking the time to do it right is expensive!”

“Chocolate as we know it is very in-expensive. It’s the most affordable luxury food I can think of. The price spread is very narrow compared with many other gourmet foods. The Queen of England can’t buy better chocolate than you can!”

–Clay Gordon on Straight From the Source