This week on the business of The Business, Phil Colicchio is joined by friend and restauranteur Christian Pappanicholas, owner of Resto & The Cannibal. Christian explains why he left the commercial real estate business for the less lucrative restaurant business - all because of a passion he could not suppress. Find out how he took the idea of high end beer and meat and took it to the somewhat deserted micro-neighborhood near 29th St. and Park Ave in NYC. Get an insiders perspective on what it takes to develop ideas, open restaurants and find sustainable success with business. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center


"We definitely wanted to do smart food. We wanted to force the issue when it came to meat. We knew beer was very important - but I felt nobody was representing food and beer the way it should be." 09:00

"I remember buying beer that was $60 a case and thinking it was a lot of money, and that same case of beer costs $90 now. That was only 4 years ago!" 15:00

--Christian Pappanicholas of Resto/The Cannibal on "the business of The Business"