If you think a chicken nugget is bad at least it’s legal for humans to eat. For pet food and kibble, ingredients are so toxic they have to be burned and sterilized to make them safe for consumption. The Farmer’s Dog is creating a new option with their line of fresh dog meals, customized to individual pets, delivered on a subscription bases. Co-founders Brett Podolsky (@brettpodolsky) and Jonathan Regev (@jyyoni) join host Jennifer Leuzzi (@mmesnack) in-studio to talk about how they are disrupting the $75-billion pet industry, their recent $39-million Series B round, and their dogs Jada (@jadaandlouie) and Budino (@scruffybeagle). Our focus group of two, representing dogs and their owners, is Heritage Radio Network's Kat Johnson (@kathryncrosby) and her dog Daisy (@daisybucanine). Thus episode of Tech Bites (@techbiteshrn) was made possible by the generosity of the Museum of Food and Drink (@mofad).

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