On today's show, Jacqueline and Ben explore how putting a call out to listeners for dates has manifested in ACTUAL DATES, and the benefits of getting setup by friends. How does it work? DOES it work? What can we gain from going offline and letting friends of friends set us up?! Then, they're joined by Jamie Feldmar and Sarah Zorn, two local food writers. Jamie's single, Sarah's married, but neither of them are immune to the pressures a very social work life puts on the absence or existence of a significant other. How does eating for a living trump a dating life, or what do you do when your spouse doesn't wanna join you for yet another walk-around tasting? The ladies spill. Then the team shares the best thing they ate / read / watched or listened to regarding dating and dining this past week.

"To me, date night is staying home with my husband..."  [10:30]
-Sarah Zorn
"Because I love what I do, when I'm looking for a partner, I always look for someone who also loves what they do..." [16:45]
-Jamie Feldmar