On today’s show, Sari and Jessie interview Dahlia Abraham-Klein: vegetarian cooking instructor, challah baker, and author of the upcoming book Silk Road Vegetarian. Dahlia tells us how the recipes in her book evolved out of her upbringing, and about some of the most important ingredients and spices she uses.

What makes a latte cost $10? Some damn good ingredients, that’s what. Tune in to The Morning After and hear from coffee wunderkind Tim Wendelboe and co-owner of Budin Cafe, Elliot Rayman. Find out what it really takes to source and roast the best coffee in the world and why “organic” isn’t the only thing you should be looking for when trying to be a conscious consumer of coffee. This program was sponsored by Consider Bardwell Farm.

“It costs a lot more money to grow high quality coffee and roast in small quantities. It’s only fair that the people that are passionate and want to work in this industry can make a living off of it – so we have to charge more.” [19:00]

–Tim Wendlboe