We've all experienced some sort of unrequited love; pining over someone who doesn't quite realize the romantic possibilities we can so clearly see. But what happens when affection turns into obsession? When our desires have so much control over us that we can't see the world clearly? On today's show, we talk about our own experiences with unrequited love, and how periods of longing teach us how to love ourselves and others more securely. Then we're joined by Lisa Phillips, whose book Unrequited: Women and Romantic Obsession was just re-released by Harper Collins in paperback. Lisa shares how her own experience with unrequited love turned into romantic obsession, what she's learned by studying its history, how we can best identify if our passion has crossed a dangerous line, and how to assess our chances of it happening again in the future. Finally, we share a Valentine's Day offering from our sponsor, Virgola Wine Bar, a few tasty thoughts on Mark West Wines' new Black Pinot Noir, our experience chowing on chocolate at the recent Top Ten Chocolatiers of 2015 awards by Dessert Professional Magazine, and why we love sipping Scotch at North End Grill.