What are your dogs eating? Chances are, it could be better. Meet Nancy Liao, the founder of Zoe's Premiumâ„¢ . Zoe's Premium "Real Food Dog Food" is a slow-cooked, individually-packaged dog food made with 100% real food ingredients. Sold frozen. Brooklyn born and raised. Tune into this special recording to learn what inspired Zoe to start this pet food line, and what goes into the dog food she's making. Listen in as she discusses the nature of dogs and why she thinks they are such unique creatures that require a unique diet! This program was sponsored by Rolling Press.


"Consumers, especially pet owners, are not fools. The bar has been raised very high for dog food manufactures to up the quality, be transparent about their sources and be sure their knowledgeable enough to put a product out there tat consumers can trust to feed their animals." [07:00]

--Nancy Liao, founder of Zoe's Premium on HeritageRadioNetwork.org