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Caity  Moseman Wadler

Caity Moseman Wadler

Caity is passionate about food access, sustainability, and urban agriculture.  She holds an M.A. in Food Studies from New York University and a B.A. in Molecular Biology/ Biochemistry from Middlebury College.  Prior to her graduate studies, Caity worked at a biotech startup where she engineered yeast to discover new antibody drugs, and took a whirlwind trip around the world before settling in New York City.  She enjoys cooking, kite-skiing, gardening, knitting, quilting, and hanging out with her silver lab puppy, Louie. Caity received the Julia Child Foundation Food Writing Fellowship for Heritage Radio Network’s Fall 2015 season, and joined the team full-time as Deputy Director in 2016.

Matt  Patterson

Matt Patterson

Matt first learned of Heritage Radio Network while working at a small craft brewery in Southern California. In the midst of a years-long quest to brew great beer, he found a helpful podcast called Fuhmentaboudit! and listened to every episode. After several thousand more barrels of beer brewed, a World Beer Cup award won, and a stint on a New Zealand hop farm, Matt moved to NYC to pursue his second love: audio production. He joined HRN as a studio engineer in 2017.

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