Switzerland’s Cave-Aged Cheese

by Leila Goldstein Cheese making is an ancient tradition; prehistoric pottery found in Poland suggests that cheese was invented roughly 7000 years ago! But the unique location for aging c...


Micaela O'Herlihy

Micaela O'Herlihy and her 3 kids run a small ultra diverse farm and single mother sanctuary in the wilds of southwest Wisconsin. Micaela has the skills of film and art making in her tool ...


Cheese Royalty: Peter Dixon & Benton Brown

Cheese royalty is in the house this week on Cutting the Curd! Join Greg Blais as he chats with Peter Dixon and Benton Brown on a candid and insightful episode of the world's best cheese r...


The Daphne Zepos Teaching Awards

On a new episode of Cutting the Curd, hear from last year and this year's recipients of the Daphne Zepos Teaching Award.


The 2014 American Cheese Society Conference

Re-live the 2014 American Cheese Society Conference, held this year in Sacramento, California, on a brand new episode of Cutting the Curd!


Certification Program Controversy with Greg Blais

The cheese world is changing! Certain certification programs are evolving and there are more options than ever for aspiring cheesemongers looking to learn about the industry. With that, c...


Affinage: A Timeline

What is affinage? Simply put, it's the art of ripening cheese. However, as you'll learn on this episode of Cutting the Curd, it's a complicated art that is as challenging as it is rewardi...


Academie Opus Caseus

So you want to learn about cheese? You've found the perfect program! This week's guest on Cutting the Curd is Susan Sturman, of the Academie Opus Caseus, a school for cheese professionals...


Edible Manhattan & Cheese

This week on Cutting the Curd, Anne Saxelby and Sophie Slesinger sit and chat with Gabrielle Langholtz & Rachel Wharton, editor and deputy editor of Edible Manhattan, about "The Dairy...


Terrance Brennan

This week on The Main Course, Patrick is joined by Terrance Brennan, the Chef-Proprietor of the successful and acclaimed restaurants of The Artisanal Group, including Picholine, Artisanal...