Cheese royalty is in the house this week on Cutting the Curd! Join Greg Blais as he chats with Peter Dixon and Benton Brown on a candid and insightful episode of the world's best cheese radio show. Peter Dixon is a dairy foods consultant and artisan cheesemaker. His work with people engaged in or interested in making cheese and other dairy products draws on 30 years of cheesemaking and 15 years of consulting. Peter works with dairy farmers and experienced or aspiring cheesemakers to research, develop, or improve their milk processing businesses. Benton Brown is behind Crown Finish Caves, a cheese aging operation in Brooklyn, NY. This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.

"Italian cheeses have a broad spectrum. It can be hard and long aged down to something softer - all from raw milk. That appealed to me. Marketing wise, there isn't enough of that cheese being made in small batches in an traditional manner." [04:00]

--Peter Dixon on Cutting the Curd