Scaling Sandwiches with Richard Zaro of Cutlets Sandwich Co.

For those that have been listening for a while, you know we like to get down to brass tacks. Mostly we have on entrepreneurs and restaurateurs that fund their projects through friends and...


How Can You Start a Loan Crowdfunding Campaign?

As we begin to emerge from quarantines and lockdowns, there are a lot of reasons to feel relief. Far fewer people are getting sick, restrictions are lifting, and businesses of all sizes c...


The Fattened Caf

This episode features Darren and Charlene Lopez Young, the owners of The Fattened Caf, based in St. Louis.


Ultra Fast Delivery & Grocery Tech

Consumer demands are redefining what we expect from grocery delivery services. Ghost grocery, ultra-fast delivery and grocery tech are trying to answer those demands.


A New Model for Funding Restaurants with InKind

Fundraising is not often learned in culinary school and it’s not often taught on the job. Fundraising usually happens before you’ve been hired or behind a door you’ve never opened.


Smart Kitchen Summit 2020 Virtual

Smart Kitchen Summit 2020 is going virtual. Like so many events this year, the global pandemic has forced an evolution from in-person to online. Is the food tech world better positioned t...


Building without the VC's

Chris Kirby is the Founder and CEO of Ithaca Hummus. On this episode of ITS, Chris tells Ali the story of Ithaca, how he's grown into 5000 stores without venture funding, and how he's man...


Meat Animal Research Center; Blowing the Whistle on USDA with Dr. Jim Keen

NYT published a gagging expose of animal cruelty in 2015 at the behest of veterinarian and research scientist Jim Keen.


Get Funded: Pitch Joshua Siegel of Rubicon VC

Are you a start-up founder looking for venture funding? This episode may be your next round. We’re announcing our next live pitch show with Joshua Siegel, Managing Partner of Rubicon Vent...