Weekly Picks: From Agave Road Trip to the American Rescue Plan

Hear from refugee chefs and a fourth generation nutmeg farmer, plus glean insight about the American Rescue Plan, celebrate one year of Agave Road Trip, and get a behind-the-scenes glimps...


Community Pantries, Fridges and Ovens: Helping Feed Communities Through Mutual Aid in the Midwest

In this episode, we explore how community fridges, pantries and even ovens are helping address food insecurity across the Midwest. These concepts have popped up in larger cities on the co...


The Pay-What-You-Can Cafe Revolution

In this episode, we meet some pioneers of the “pay what you can” café movement throughout the Midwest. In South Dakota, we visit Fork Real Community Café, where local lawyers dine along s...


Midwestern Mead: Modern Makers of the Ancient Drink

Mead is an often overlooked and misunderstood drink. But, in recent years, it has grown in popularity, especially in the Midwest. 


The Sweetness of Midwestern Maple Season

On this episode, we are celebrating the maple harvest.  In early March, communities across the Midwest come together to share the natural bounty of the maple syrup harvest.


Midwestern Vintage: Wine & Wine-Derived Products from The Heartland

We travel to Kansas where the wine industry is growing.  We will meet Jeff Sollo, owner of Grace Hill Winery near Wichita who will tell us about a hobby grew into producing some of the mo...


An Introduction to Midwestern Cocktail Culture

Eat Your Heartland is back for Season 2. In our first episode of the new season, Capri is joined by author Jeanette Hurt.


Fresh Bytes: New Shows at HRN

Fall’s arrival is accompanied by colorful leaves and cool weather, as well as a new season of food podcasts here at HRN. This episode of Meat and Three is jam-packed with sneak peeks into...


The Mix: Somali & Peruvian Cuisine Under One Midwestern Roof

Restauranteurs Alberto Denegri and Farxaan Jeyte joined forces to bring Peruvian and Somali food to the residents of Columbus, Ohio.


Traditions and Philosophy of Midwestern Baking

Shauna Sever, author of Midwest Made, shares her insights into the philosophy of Midwestern baking.