Solar Panels and Rain Storms at White Oak Pastures

As the COVID-19 pandemic places unique stresses on US meat processors and their supply chains, concerns about the resiliency and diversification of our food system are growing.


Two Ways to Snap A Turtle (feat. Matt Sartwell of Kitchen Arts & Letters)

On today's episode of Cookbook Issues, Dave & Nastassia are joined by Matt Sartwell from Kitchen Arts & Letters.


Cooking Issues' Cracklin' Hits

In this episode of Cooking Issues, Dave and Nastassia  go deep on the value of Charcoal Briquettes,  discuss the Social Contract between performers and their audience,  and give a solid s...


Rules Change in Pork Inspection

Amanda Hitt from the Government Accountability Project gives a long view perspective on the new rules in pork inspection.


Paul Willis of Niman Ranch at Slow Food Nations 2019

Paul Willis is the Founding Hog Farmer at Niman Ranch. He and Caity Moseman Wadler discuss his journey as a fourth generation Iowa hog farmer who became a game changer in the sustainable ...


Brisket King NYC 2019 Preview

What do you drink when you smoke...brisket? Tune in for a preview of Jimmy’s annual Brisket King NYC competition!


Eric Kos & The Oil Lady

Our Moderator Emily gives hard-hitting stories of food in the news to our panelists and they discuss their attitudes and opinions in our Weekly Baste Segment.


Fat Kitchen

In this episode, Cathy dials up Andrea Chesman, veteran cookbook author who has written many books on back-to-the-land cooking topics. Andrea's latest book not only tel


Autumn Olive Farms Tour and Lunch at Fire, Flour & Fork

Kat Johnson kicks off Fire, Flour & Fork with a trip to Autumn Olive Farms in the Shenandoah Valley for a “Pig Safari” and picturesque lunch. Clay and Linda Trainum raise heritage bre...


Soybeans + Pork: A US/China Trade Update

Back on episode two of Meat + Three, we shared a report about the escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China.