Celebrating Pride Month at HRN

By: Anna Oakes and Caroline Fox


Decolonizing our Thanksgiving Tables and Food Narratives

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we’ve been thinking about the many ways this holiday bolsters colonial narratives, as well as opportunities to push back on them. This episode s...


Something Different About Us

Nico is joined by John Birdsall, whose biography "The Man Who Ate Too Much: The Life of James Beard," was just released.


Tasty Pride with Jesse Szewczyk

Former Buzzfeed Editor and author of the new Tasty Pride Cookbook Jesse Szewczyk joins us to talk about queer food and his journey breaking into the food media space.


DeVonn Francis on Being a Chef and Artist in Equal Measure

On today’s show I talk to chef, artist, model, photographer DeVonn Francis about food as art, the idea of expansiveness and hospitality.


Food is Medicine

This week, Nico checks in on Emmett Findley, the director of Communications at God's Love We Deliver.  Gods Love formed at the height of the AIDS Crisis to provide delicious, medically-ta...


DeVonn Francis: From Designer to Activist Chef

Join cohosts Vallery and Ethan for a conversation with activist, model and chef DeVonn Francis. DeVonn is a queer, first-generation Jamaican-American artist with a background in design an...


The Sweet Stuff With Edd Kimber

Join us this week for a conversation with the deligtful Edd Kimber, winner of the very first season of The Great British Bake Off. He joins Nico to talk about about what his life was like...


The Corners of Their Mouth

Nico sits down for a conversation with Robin Elan and L.M.


Kay Lahusen's Gay Table

This week on Queer the Table, we've got a guest episode from our friends at Making Gay History.