Japan Distilled!

Our guests are Stephen Lyman & Christopher Pellegrini who are the co-hosts of Japan Distilled, the fantastic new podcast about Japanese spirits.


Drinking and Pairing Japanese Beverages

Akiko Katayama is a food writer based in New York City and a director of the nonprofit organization The New York Japanese Culinary Academy which promotes a deeper understanding of Japanes...


A Coveted Whisky Brand Made Out Of Shochu

Our guest is Chris Uhde who is a whisky specialist based in California. Japanese whisky is very popular among whisky connoisseurs in the world lately.


Big King from dine-in to take-out

James Mark and his team at both Big King and North restaurants in Providence RI used to do Dine-in only, but now since mid March of 2020 they have done takeout only.


Visting the Home of Shochu

Our guests are Haru Zenda of Masa, a famed sushi restaurant with three Michelin stars, and Andy May who works at The Polynesian, the cool tiki bar operated by the Major Food Group of Carb...


Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks

Our guest is Stephen Lyman who is known as a leading shochu expert. He joined us on Episode 23 and talked about shochu extensively. He moved to Japan in 2018 and now lives in the mecca of...


Connecting Communities through Japanese Food Culture

Our guest is Justin Potts who has lived in Japan for the last 15 years, working on various projects to connect different communities from rural to global, with the power of Japanese tradi...


What I Learned Visiting Shochu Distilleries

Our guest is Jamie Graves, the Japanese Portfolio Manager at Skurnik Wines, which is a leading wine and spirits importer and distributor based in NYC.